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Zac Efron, John Boyega, Cristiano Ronaldo & More Bring You The Best Celebrity Social Media Pics Of The Week

February 6th, 2016 // Leave a Comment

You could also call some of this week’s best celebrity social media pics “hot dudes in training.” ‘Cause that’s how they’re rolling this time around.

There’s Zac Efron flexing those beautiful muscles, as he trains for the upcoming Baywatch movie, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega showing off his chiseled back, as he gears up for Star Wars VIII. Also, gorgeous Cristiano Ronaldo carves those abs, just because he can, while Hugh Jackman thanks god it’s Friday… so he can take workout pics.

There are other cute pics, too, like Channing Tatum totally making some girl so very happy with his Valentine’s Day charms on Jimmy Kimmel Live!; Sofia Vergara and her man, Joe Manganiello, looking smokin’ hot; Ian Somerhalder wishing his wife, Nikki Reed, a happy 9-month wedding anniversary; and the cutie boys of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Check out the gallery above!

Happy Birthday, Cristiano Ronaldo! Let’s Celebrate With An Ode To Your Exquisite Body!

February 5th, 2016 // Leave a Comment
Cristiano Got Naked
Cristiano Ronaldo Irina Shayk Spanish Vogue Naked
And ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk was covering it all. Read More »

Hey Cristiano Ronaldo! Happy birthday!

The European soccer star turns 31 today, so it only seems right that we celebrate on Socialite Life with our favorite thing about Ronaldo: his body.

Sure, we love his soccer skills and how he sometimes plugs weird ab workout machines, or how he defends little Japanese kids trying to speak Portuguese, but mostly–the body! So let’s celebrate together, shall we?  Read More »

Henry Cavill Shows Off His Shirtless Body And Massive Muscles On Instagram, Probably Because He Loves Us

February 5th, 2016 // Leave a Comment

Let me tell you, checking Instagram in the morning and being greeted by shirtless and muscular Henry Cavill is the only way I’d like to start my mornings from now on. (Although I will also allow shirtless Chris Hemsworth.)

The Batman V Superman: This Movie Is Probably Going To Be Meh Except For Wonder Woman star took to Instagram this morning to give his followers a taste of what he’s got going on under his super-suit.

Or rather, what he will have going on.  Read More »

Congratulations, Ricky Martin! The Singer Receives A Star On The Puerto Rico Walk Of Fame

February 4th, 2016 // 2 Comments
Ricky Martin GIFs
Ricky Martin
We celebrate our Ricky Martin love with 15 GIFs! Read More »

It’s a good week to be Ricky Martin!

The singer was honored in his home country of Puerto Rico yesterday with his own on star on the Puerto Rico Walk of Fame. If you wanna get fancy with it, it’s actually the Paseo de la Fama. But again, I took French, so Walk of Fame it is!

Ricky looked absolutely overjoyed as he posed with his star, the crowds and two children that I have never seen before.  Read More »

Just Because: Liam Hemsworth In A Suit And Hanging Out With His Adorable, Fluffy Dog Is Really Great

February 3rd, 2016 // Leave a Comment

So, if for some reason, hot bespectacled Chris Hemsworth didn’t do it for you this morning. And super handsome, suited up Sam Wines didn’t do it for you, then perhaps Liam Hemsworth will!

The actor took to Instagram earlier today to share the photos above, although he didn’t post a caption to let us know what was happening. Based on his flawless jacket and the antique car behind him, it looks like a photo shoot featuring the really cute dog he recently rescued.

Or maybe that’s just how Liam was dressed for the day and Miley thought the photo was just too cute to pass up.  Read More »

Shirtless Zayn Malik Is Teasing His New Song, Says ‘Pillowtalk’ Isn’t Only About Sex

February 2nd, 2016 // Leave a Comment
Zayn Malik

Aww, grown up, hip hoppy Zayn Malik. How you’re enjoy your new place in the world.

Following his debut of the ultra sultry “Pillowtalk” last week, which featured Zayn making out with current girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, and awkwardly singing for the camera, the former One Direction-er gave fans a taste of a new song last night.

And even if you’re not interested in Zayn’s music, you can enjoy him being shirtless and stare at his tattoos. That’s what I did.  Read More »

Hot Dude on Instagram: Hugh Jackman’s Got It Going On

January 31st, 2016 // Leave a Comment

Thank goodness for Hugh Jackman‘s Instagram account. The 47-year-old Aussie loves posting regular snaps, which works for us because a) he seems to be having tons of fun, like, ALL the time, and b) he’s really handsome.

Hugh has recently been on tour promoting his upcoming inspirational sports flick Eddie the Eagle, a film about real-life Eddie Edwards (played by Kingsman star Taron Egerton), Great Britain’s first ski jumper who was a crowd favorite at the 1986 Winter Olympics in Calgary. Jackman plays Eddie’s coach (a fictional character), a former US Olympic ski jumper who has since crashed and burned and in need of a little redemption. It’s a very sweet and uplifting movie, and Egerton and Jackman give great performances. Read More »

Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert, Prince Harry & More Bring You The Best Celebrity Social Media Pics Of The Week

January 30th, 2016 // Leave a Comment

Yay! It’s another week of celebrities snapping pics and posting on social media… starting with the blonde, tatted Justin Bieber, who strikes quite the pose in his Calvin Klein underwear. I’m just wondering what all the tattoos are going to look like when he gets older. Sad, these are things I think about.

Then there’s Adam Lambert, looking too cute with his godson, while Prince Harry hangs with 2016 Invictus Games players. Oh, and Zoolander 2‘s Justin Theroux and Ben Stiller chillin’ in Paris.

Plus, Chris Hemsworth and Channing Tatum post ridiculously cute pics of their kids; Coldplay snaps a pic in Mumbai; Joe Manganiello lets us know he is going to guest star on Mom; and David Beckham contemplates jumping into what looks like very cold water. Click through the gallery above for all the pics!