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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Stars, Liam Hemsworth And More Bring You The Best Celebrity Social Media Pics Of The Week

December 12th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

Another week, another collection of fun online snaps from your favorite celebs!

First, did you know the newbie Star Wars: The Force Awakens stars, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, had Instagram accounts? They do, and are posting fun SW pics in anticipation for the big premiere of the film next week.

Then, there’s Liam Hemsworth getting back at his brother, Chris Hemsworth, by messing with Chris’ Vanity Fair cover (Chris started it by mucking up Liam’s Men’s Health cover). Brothers will be brothers.

Plus, Selena Gomez eats McDonald’s just like us; Britney Spears lets us know she thinks “mean people suck”; and Blake Lively is photobombed by a kangaroo.

Click on the gallery above for the best social media photos of the week!

SOCIALITE LIFE’S 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

December 11th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

Happy 2015 holiday season!

If you’re still scrambling to find gifts for all the people on your list (and don’t worry, so are the rest of us), then fear not! Because Socialite Life is here to help.

We have combed through the world (literally, the entire world) and are here to offer you our favorite gift ideas for this year. We’ve got something for pretty much everyone on your list–and maybe even a few things you’d like to gift yourself with!  Read More »

WATCH: It Is Time We All Acknowledge The Plight Of The Instagram Husband

December 10th, 2015 // Leave a Comment
Instagram Husband
We used to eat our food. Now we just take pictures of it.

We all know an Instagram Husband.

His job is to take endless photos of his significant other. He is never allowed to eat food before a photo is taken. He often puts himself in harms way to get that perfect, jealousy-inducing photo.

Well friends, it is now time that we help the Instagram Husband. If you’re not familiar with the struggles yourself, then perhaps the PSA above will enlighten you.  Read More »

Happy Thursday! Ricky Martin Got Shirtless On Instagram Just For You!

December 10th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

It’s almost like Ricky Martin knew that this would bring joy to all of our lives.

Well, I guess that’s not a hard assumption to make, since most thinks Ricky Martin-related can bring joy. The singer took to Instagram today to share the photo above with the caption, “¿Que Pasa? Tranquilo!” For those of you who took French in school like me, allow me to translate, “What’s up? Calm!” Did I do it right?! It was my first attempt without Google translate.

I suppose this means that Ricky is taking it easy.  Read More »

Liam Hemsworth Gets Back At Chris Hemsworth With Some Brotherly Hilarity Of His Own

December 10th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

Ahh, brothers. How they enjoy teasing each other. And how we enjoying getting in on it, especially when the brothers are super famous and super handsome duo, Liam and Chris Hemsworth.

Remember last week when Chris posted a photo on Instagram of Liam’s Men’s Health cover and had drawn all over it? It was quite hilarious.

Well Liam wasn’t about to take that older brother abuse sitting down. He took to Instagram yesterday for a little hilarity of his own.  Read More »

Henry Cavill Is Bloodied And Bruised On The Set Of His New Movie ‘Sand Castle’

December 9th, 2015 // 1 Comment
Henry Cavill In Prep School
Henry Cavill Man of Steel and yearbook pic
Henry Cavill’s Prep School Yearbook Pics! Read More »

Hey look! Someone beat up Henry Cavill!

Or he just went to fake war. Yeah, he went to fake war. Henry has been busy on social media recently not only posting photos of hanging out with bats and visiting the Dunhill store, but also posting photos from the set of Sand Castle.

If you’ll recall, that’s the movie he’s making with Nicholas Hoult and Luke Evans about the war in Iraq (and also the one he shaved his hair for). Because who doesn’t love an Iraq war movie with British dudes?  Read More »

Norman Reedus Suffers Real-Life Zombie Attack As ‘Walking Dead’ Fan Bites Him

December 7th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

One female fan took Norman Reedus‘ Entertainment Weekly cover a little too seriously! He was reportedly bitten by a Walking Dead fan at Walker Stalker Convention in New Jersey LOL. He no stranger to unusual fan interactions, but really takes the cake!

According to, the eager fan was apparently explaining to Norman how she likes to pretend she’s married to him when she suddenly turned and bit him. Witnesses at the event say she was immediately restrained by a security guard who explained. “Um… ma’am, you just bit Norman Reedus.”  Read More »

Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello, Chris Hemsworth & More Bring You The Best Celebrity Social Media Pics Of The Week

December 5th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

It’s that time again to look a fun celebrity photos on social media! Yay!

You just knew newlyweds Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello would post some kind of totally sexy photo of them on their honeymoon… and here it is. There’s also Channing Tatum looking damn hot while in Peru.

And of course, what week of social media pics would be complete without a Chris Hemsworth snap? Seriously, this guy cracks me up on Instagram. Read More »