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SOCIALITE LIFE’S 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

December 10th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Guess what time it is? It’s time for SOCIALITE LIFE‘s 2014 holiday gift guide! Yay! Sound the alarms! Raise the flags! Bring out the dancing monkeys! 

Because we love you all so much, we’ve put together this list of things just for your holiday shopping needs. There are presents for ladies, gents, undecided–and even a present for kids, because let’s face it, kids want gifts, too.

Launch the gallery to check out all our picks! Got any of your own? Leave them in the comments for all to enjoy. Happy holidays!

Adam Lambert Shows Off His Awesome New Tattoo On Instagram

December 10th, 2014 // 2 Comments
Adam Lambert
Adam's Ice Bucket Challenge
Adam Lambert Ice Bucket Challenge ALS
Adam took the ALS challenge and it was awesome Read More »

Well, hello space ranger!

32-year-old perfect babe Adam Lambert has been busy rocking out with Queen in London and attending Miley Cyrus‘ 22nd birthday party, but the boy still finds time to make sure his tattoo game is on point.

The singer took to instagram to reveal his newest ink and showed off his piece before paying tribute to the artist. Check out the tattoo after the jump!

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Harry Shum Jr.’s Instagram Makes Our Hearts Go Pitter Patter

December 7th, 2014 // 1 Comment

What can we say?!

We are on a hot guys from Glee kick lately.

We’re on to the next one, and admiring Harry Shum Jr. this week for being so hot, that it hurts.

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Chord Overstreet’s Instagram Has Our Hearts Singing

November 30th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

The minute Chord Overstreet stepped on to the scene (or shall we say, into the scene) on Glee the game changed.

Suddenly Puckerman was not the only one on the show to gleek out over and all of our jaws were on the floor as soon as he opened his mouth to sing.

That was it. We were all sold.

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17 Adorable Celebrity Families We Wish We Were A Part Of This Thanksgiving

November 27th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Did you need some cuteness in your day of thankfulness and fatness?

Of course you do! Which is why we’re here with 17 of the cutest celebrity families ever. In the history of celebrity families. Trust me, it doesn’t get cuter than this.

It’s all so adorable in fact, that it makes me want to leave my perfectly lovely family and go have Thanksgiving with the Burtka-Harrises, or the Tatums, or even the Beckhams. Imagine how great all that would be!  Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving From Socialite Life To You!

November 27th, 2014 // Leave a Comment
Thanksgiving Dinner Table Feast Fancy Food

Hello dear reader, Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully you’re all preparing your stomachs for the Thanksgiving feasts that are going to be had today.

Socialite Life will be taking a break from heavy duty posting today and tomorrow, but we’ll still be giving you plenty of things to ogle at–like this–so be sure to check back.

If you do need more, check out some very interesting, newsworthy stories below. Thanks for everything, you guys. You are who we here at Socialite Life are thankful for!  Read More »

Just Because: ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Norman Reedus Keeps Warm In Cold New York

November 26th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

So, I’m doing a half day here at Socialite Life and I figure, I want to write about things I really like.

And you know what I really like? Norman Reedus! Especially when he looks cute walking around NYC. Which, coincidentally, is what he was doing yesterday.

For those of you in New York at the moment, you can see this is pre-snow. But he still looks cold.  Read More »

Benedict Cumberbatch And Martin Freeman Are Going Old School ‘Sherlock’ In These Teaser

November 25th, 2014 // Leave a Comment
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the 'Sherlock' Special Sherlock Holmes John Watson Top Hat Mustache
'Sherlock' The Musical
Watch this and prepare to laugh/cry. Read More »

Sadly, it’s not a teaser trailer.

Instead, it’s a photo. But a really cool photo. The BBC released the image above today, giving us a taste of what to expect from the upcoming Sherlock special. No, it’s not season 4, but instead a one-off episode.

From this photo I’m hoping that it’s a totally bizarre episode–completely unrelated to the current Sherlock narrative–that follows Holmes and John Watson in the late 19th century. Oh come on, you’re telling me you wouldn’t watch that?  Read More »