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Colton Haynes, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez & More Bring You The Best Celebrity Social Media Pics Of The Week

January 16th, 2016 // Leave a Comment

Before I get started, I want to apologize for the abrupt end to the posts yesterday. I did something to my back and couldn’t work.

So today I’m gonna try and make it up to you in a few ways, starting with Colton Haynes in drag. I don’t want to say I’m surprised that he looks amazing, but I am definitely impressed. The wig totally works on him, non?

And now we jump from Colton to Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, who posted complimentary photos on Instagram.  Read More »

In Case You Were Curious, Tom Hiddleston And Elizabeth Olsen Are Probably Still Dating

January 12th, 2016 // 26 Comments
Tom Hiddleston GIFs
Please take a moment and appreciate Tom, in GIF form! Read More »

If it’s wrong to be overly interested in a celebrity couple, then I don’t want to be right.

We’ve been talking about the coupling of Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen on Socialite Life since they were first rumored to be a thing in July of 2015. There was a lot of back and forth and last we heard was that Tom and Elizabeth had broken up in November.

Well, it seems that wasn’t quite true, because while rumors of their breakup was hitting the web, Elizabeth was actually visiting Tom on location while he was filming Kong: Skull IslandRead More »

Justin Bieber, Ian Somerhalder, the Hemsworth Brothers & More Bring You The Best Celebrity Social Media Pics Of The Week

January 9th, 2016 // 1 Comment

It’s that time again to look a fun celebrity photos on social media! Yay!

Justin Bieber posted a very picturesque snap of waking up with an ocean view (if only we could all be so lucky), while Ian Somerhalder and wife Nikki Reed snuggled with some cute puppies. Then, there are the Hemsworth brothers Liam, Luke and Chris, hanging out like bros do. God, they’re so cute.

Plus, Zayn Malik posted his sexy Billboard magazine cover; hunky Scott Eastwood took a snap in Paris; and Zac Efron had fun courtside at a L.A. Lakers game.

Click on the gallery above for your celebs on social media fix!

Just Because: Kit Harington Attempts To Do The Samba For Your Viewing Pleasure

January 6th, 2016 // Leave a Comment

On this Wednesday–the first since most of the world got back to work after the holidays–I think we all deserve a little bit of joy.

And if those shirtless identical twins I brought you earlier didn’t do the trick, then perhaps Kit Harington attempting to dance the samba will.

The Game of Thrones star spent the first part of 2016 vacationing in Brazil, where he not only showed off his shirtless bod, but also showed off them dancing skills.  Read More »

Cute Overload: Prince George Heads To His First Day Of School, Children Beware

January 6th, 2016 // Leave a Comment
Prince George's first day of nursery school

You know at the beginning of Grease when the Pink Ladies are walking to Rydell and Rizzo says, “And we’re gonna rule the school.”

I assume that’s how Prince George announced his presence today on his first day at the Westacre Montessori School nursery in Norfolk.

Kate Middleton and Prince William, known more formally at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, released two photos of George heading to school today, and of course, both of them adorable.  Read More »

Amy Schumer Has A New Boyfriend And Guys! He’s A Total Fox

January 6th, 2016 // Leave a Comment
Amy Schumer and boyfriend Ben Hanisch dating couple instagram
Amy Schumer's Hilarity
Amy Schumer
Her insights on women are fantastic. Read More »

Well done Amy Schumer! Or actually, well done her new boyfriend!

The funny lady has officially left single land and is currently dating Ben Hanisch, a furniture designer from Chicago. Yes, Amy found herself a super sexy carpenter.

And we know that things are official for them because not only have they posted photos on social media, but Ben joined Amy and her family yesterday in Washington D.C. for Obama’s speech on gun control.

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Ricky Martin Proves That He Can Totally Rock A Speedo And Is Super Abtastic

January 4th, 2016 // Leave a Comment

Here’s the thing about Ricky Martin: I love him. Here’s the other thing about Ricky Martin: oh my god, those abs.

We’ve seen plenty of the singer shirtless before, but as you can see from the photo above, Ricky has really been working on those abs. And not to mention those calves.

He posted the photo on Instagram earlier today with the caption “#islander #beachbum #livemylifebarefoot #saltyhair #sandyfeet #speedo #sunga #up #early #earlybird WAKE UP GANG. #newweek #newyear #2016.”  Read More »

Colton Haynes Responds To Rumors About His Sexuality In The Most Fantastic Way Possible

January 4th, 2016 // Leave a Comment

Listen, if you’re not obsessed and totally amused by Colton Haynes, then we need to talk.

Not only does he have a fantastic sense of humor, not only does he have one very built body, not only is he super honest about his struggles with anxiety–but! He’s also not trying to hide or shame anything when it comes to his sexuality.

Rumors about Colton have long been around the internet, and the actor has never really paid them any mind (because honestly, he doesn’t need to). But he did have a great response to a fan on TumblrRead More »