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Shia LaBeouf Is Hanging Out In An Elevator All Day, And You Can Watch The Live Stream

February 19th, 2016 // Leave a Comment
Shia LaBeouf
Sia feat. Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler in 'Elastic Heart'
Watch things get weird in 'Elastic Heart' video. Watch »

Shia LaBeouf is at it again. The latest in his performance art collaborations with Nastja Sade Ronkko and Luke Turner is a piece called #ELEVATE. This follows Shia’s #AllMyMovies from last year. Remember when we got to watch him as he watched all the movies he’s ever been in? Trippy shit. This time, Shia, Nastja and Luke hang in an elevator and welcome anyone to come in and chat with them about whatever they want. Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind getting stuck in an elevator with Shia. Read More »

Shia LaBeouf Runs A Performance Art Marathon, Because Why Not?

September 25th, 2014 // 1 Comment

You’d think that after being in a drama program that was all about performance art I’d be used to this stuff by now. But no, I still think it’s weird.

Maybe I should explain. Shia LaBeouf, performance artist extraordinaire, took place in a very interesting one today called MetaMarathon, where he and two other artists ran a marathon around the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam while an arts conference took place inside.

Yup. That’s performance art for you.  Read More »

Kristen Stewart Shares Her Poetic Talents With ‘Marie Claire’

February 13th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

While Kristen Stewart casually heads to a meeting, the rest of the world is reading and reviewing her not so casual poetry.

Kristen Stewart was seen heading to a meeting, dressed casually as usual in a green T-shirt smattered with holes, jeans, a hat, and dark sunglasses. Kristen dresses very laid-back hipster like, and so I guess it’s no surprise that she also writes poetry.  Read More »

Lady Gaga Is Tired Of Making Art, Becomes Art Itself In Picasso-Boy George Inspired Outfit

December 6th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Inspired in equal parts by Picasso, Boy George and Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga emerged wearing an intriguing ensemble in London today.

Fueled by the transformative powers of ARTPOP, Gaga has transcended the limitations of being a mere artist, becoming art itself. Note the Cubist figures adorning Lady Gaga’s sweatshirt, the corresponding makeup and the black hat + dreadlocks combination reminiscent of Boy George’s style. Read More »

Lindsay Lohan Goes For A Black Swimsuit In Miami

December 5th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Oh Instagram. We meet again, this time with Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan took the time out to update her Instagram followers with a selfie of her in a black swimsuit while in Miami. Ahh, so many black swimsuits that she had to choose from. The sides were cut out and she paired the swimsuit with overside sunglasses (so California!).

Miami is the place to be for celebrities at least for the first week of December. Wednesday night Lindsay partied with Kim Kardashian and believe me when I say Kanye West wasn’t far at all (who’s watching North West?), Kanye and Kim’s friend Jonathan Cheban were right there with Kim and Lindsay dancing the night away.

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Adrian Grenier In Miami For Art Basel And Takes His Shirt Off

December 5th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Celebrities and Miami in the same sentence most likely means fun and sexy right?!

Well, I guess if you like a shirtless Adrian Grenier. The Entourage star takes a vacay before filming the new Entourage movie to spend time and soak up the sun with some friends in Miami for Art Basel. Described as the most prestigious art show in America, Art Basel opens its Miami Beach 12th edition today, December 5th.

It consists of a swarm of art fairs and parties, the largest gathering of people from the international art world. More than 200 of the world’s leading modern and contemporary art galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia display paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, prints, photography, film, and digital art by over 4,000 artists.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Fully Clothed In Miami

December 3rd, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Oh how I would love to be famous so that I could travel anywhere I want. First I would go to New York, then Miami, then Atlanta…but I’m not famous, so no one cares. Someone who is famous, that all of you care about…Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leo is spotted on his balcony of his South Beach hotel room checking out the view with some friends, and sorry ladies, he is fully clothed! He’s in Miami to check out some art during Art Basel 2013.

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Josh Hutcherson Gets Dirty For Tyler Shields’ Book ‘The Dirty Side Of Glamour’

November 22nd, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Well then, it makes sense that he got dirty, doesn’t it?

Josh Hutcherson showed off just how attractive he can be–even while covered in dirt–for Tyler Shields‘ new book, The Dirty Side of Glamour. Remember when we got Zachary Quinto‘s photo shoot a few weeks back?

But his was only in a sink. Josh’s photo shoot was in actual dirt. While it might not be as sexy as his Out Magazine photo shoot, I find myself really obsessed with it.  Read More »