Cate Will Be The “Cancer Vixen”

With pink ribbons proudly displayed everywhere from car bumpers to refrigerators (a large magnetic pink ribbon was sported on Grey’s Anatomy last night in the background on the fridge) letting you know its breast cancer awareness month. But, as October ends the growing awareness will continue. With books and films hitting the mainstream giving hope for those with the disease even sending messages of strength and support to those who don’t have it.

Cate Blanchett is set to star in the book based movie “Cancer Vixen.” The book revolves around New Yorker cartoonist Marisa Acocella Marchetto. In the middle of planning her wedding 43 year old Marisa discovered the lump that would change her life. Like any hot book on the market these days it references fashion, models, and shoes. Delving into a “Sex and the City” lifestyle that becomes ridden with soul searching and the battle including her chemo treatment.

Believe it or not I do have a little heart, and this subject will always be snark free.

More photos from Cate Blanchett’s Vogue photo shoot after the jump.

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Written by Cara Harrington

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