Cate Blanchett’s Australian, Has Third Baby

Cate Blanchett gave birth to her third son in Sydney, Australia yesterday. Why did I think she was a Brit? I just checked Wikipedia. She’s totally Aussie. Her Dad was a Texan, but her Mom was Australian. She was born and raised there. What the-?

Ignatius Martin Upton joins the flawless Blanchett’s other sons with playwright Andrew Martin, Dashiell John, six, and Roman Robert, three. He’s totally going to be called “Iggy.” Trust me on this.

“The baby was born yesterday. Both are doing well,” a spokesman said. Iggy came in under eight pounds, according to sources.

Cate and her husband run the Sydney Theatre Company. She’s also in the new Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, this summer as a Russian femme fatale.

Australia? I would have bet my remaining kidney on her being British. What the hell do I know? I didn’t know the sub in the old D’Angelo’s sign was supposed to be an “L.” Seriously, I thought they were called “D’angeo’s” for years. Yeah, Happy Monday, I’m kind of a bimbo.

Photos: WENN