Cate Blanchett and Christian Bale On ‘Knight Of Cups’ Set [PHOTOS]

The Dark Knight Rises actor Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett were on-set in Venice, CA yesterday (Jun 13) for the upcoming film Knight of Cups, a production by Terrence Malick.  The theatrical drama is expected to release in 2013. Other stars in on the project are Natalie Portman, Isabel LucasJustin Wheelon and several others.

According to Just Jared the two were spotted earlier this month shooting a scene in a classic convertible in Los Angeles.

As stated in IMDb  the tagline for the film is “A man in search of love and truth”

Bale is also working on a Scott Cooper film, called Out of the Furnace opposite Colombiana star actress, Zoe Saldana also set for release in 2013. The film is an upcoming thriller about an ex-con (Bale) immersing himself in a new environment but there is a lingering  unwanted figure from his past keeping him from moving forward.

Launch the photo gallery to view Blanchett and Bale on the set of Knight of Cups in Venice!