Cast of Woody Allen’s New Film Air Their Issues With The Biz

At the Cannes premiere of Woody Allen’s newest film You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, the film’s star Josh Brolin as well as Allen opened up about the problems they’ve had with the film industry over the years. For Brolin, it’s that he couldn’t get good material; for Allen it’s that he can’t get the girl.

Brolin admitted how he struggled for years in B-movie territory until hitting his stride with Oscar-bait No Country For Old Men. What followed was a slew of high-profile films such as W., Milk and now Stranger.

“I realized [movies] could be better,” Brolin said. “There was
one point where I was doing films that I didn’t care for so much, not
that I felt like I was better than the film at all. But I would see the
film and it wasn’t gratifying to me.” Good thing that now, his career couldn’t be hotter!

Allen said he won’t act in his movies anymore because he just can’t deal with the fact his age keeps him from playing the leading man.

“For years I played the romantic lead and then I couldn’t play them
anymore because I got too old to play it. It was no fun just not
playing the guy who gets the girl. So unless I can think of some way to
do it, no,” he said. “You can imagine how
frustrating it is when I do these movies for Scarlett Johanssen and Naomi Watts [who stars in the film], the other guys get them. And I’m the director. That
old guy over there is the director. I don’t like that.”

Yeah no offense, but I’ll take Josh Brolin please!