Suit Up, Gents! The Cast of ‘Suits’ Attend Mr. Fashion Show Looking Oh-So-Sexy

When I’m stuck in LA traffic (, there is one thing that exponentially passes the time. And that is staring at hot billboards of well dressed men wondering if one day I have a shot at dating any of them.

Enter: The leading men of SuitsGabriel Macht…you are one dapper man.

While fans of the show have been waiting 9 MONTHS for the return of Suits to happen tonight, cast mates Patrick J. Adams, Gina Torres and Meghan Markle were all spotted at the USA Network and Mr.’s A Suit’s Story fashion show in NYC on Tuesday.

Gina Torres KILLED in a lengthy white Roberto Cavalli gown while Gabriel Macht stuck to a tailored Tom Ford suit, a staple of his character for the show. Check the gallery, you guys. If this is what the cast looks like on-screen as well, then I have some catching up to do!