Cast Of Glee Take A Break With Kathy Griffin

The cast of Glee were on a break on set yesterday and were seen hanging with their guest star Kathy Griffin. Chris Colfer, Ashley Fink, Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele and the whole gang were joking and enjoying the time together. Colfer recently spoke with USA Weekend about being on the show and his friendships with his castmates

On being friends with his costars:

“Oh definitely I would say without any shame, we are the best of friends because we were plucked from different parts of the world to do this show. We’re so lucky to have each other – I mean it’s pretty nauseatingly cute. I go to sushi with Lea [Michele], we all go to the movies, we’ve had sleepovers in like one person’s hotel room when we’re on tour but that’s stopped because they all snore and I can’t sleep. I mean these are pretty much the only friends that I have! We do everything together. I was at Kevin (McHale) and Jenna (Ushkowitz)’s house for New Years; we ate way too much Mexican food and watched the ball drop on TV! We’re definitely family, as corny as that sounds.

What’s it like working with Jane Lynch?

“Oh my god, I know that I am 30 years younger than her but I am so proud like a parent of her sometimes. If you’re having the worst day of your life, she will lift you up because she’s so funny. And her and her partner Lara are just perfect for each other and I love Lara because she’s so witty and quick – she’s perfect for Jane. Jane is definitely an inspiration for me. And it’s such an acting challenge to keep a straight face when she calls me a lady boy or a power bottom. Sometimes it’s the writers; sometimes it’s just her improvising.”

What are you obsessed with these days?

“Oh gosh, people are going to probably kill me for this but I am a Real Housewives freak. I love The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I am obsessed and I have to embrace it, especially NeNe and Kim. I live for Phaedra. It’s hysterical. Trashy reality TV and History Channel specials, like a documentary on the clothing of the French Revolution, I am all in!”

The fact that he eats up that RHOA is what has now completely sold me on him. I mean, any decent person loves the trash of that show.