Casper Smart Takes Jennifer Lopez’s Kids Shopping, Plus Latest Crazy Rumor About The Couple

Family Stroll
Jennifer, Casper and the kids shop in Beverly Hills.
Casper Smart, the father figure…

Jennifer Lopez’s boy toy took her kids shopping! The dancer took on the daddy role while enjoying some retail therapy with Max and Emme at the Westfield Mall in California.

The kids looked happy and in good spirits, even though little Max wore a cast, and Casper seemed happy too considering that the new rumor is that his 44-year-old girlfriend has cut his allowance by 25%! 

According to the National Enquirer, J.Lo cut Casper’s allowance after he supposedly leaked American Idol news. Because the 26-year-old  blabbed about Jennifer returning to the show, “[she] cut a quarter of his $10,000 monthly allowance she gives him.”

This rumour sounds absolutely nuts! And it probably is! What do you think? Share your thoughts in comments!