Casper Smart Spotted Leaving Peep Show, Ripe For Spanking From Jennifer Lopez [PHOTOS]

Someone has been a bad boy. Casper needs to remember that as long as he’s JLo’s piece, he’s going to be photographed wherever he goes.

The day before Jennifer Lopez’s 43rd birthday, Casper Smart was spotted by the paparazzi heading into a peep show at N.Y. VIP Toys, an adult toy store and lingerie shop with a 24 hour peep show booth. He chatted on is cellphone prior to entering the establishment.

Since Casper came out of the shop empty handed, I’m guessing that he wasn’t shopping for lingerie. Especially since he didn’t have his security team (courtesy of Jennifer) in tow.

I’m sure he’ll go with the birthday gift angle when he has to explain this one to Jennifer.