Casper Smart Is Not Gay, But May Want A Baby With Jennifer Lopez [PHOTOS]

September 27th, 2012 // 1 Comment
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What a bunch of martians Star Magazine employs.  They’re now claiming that Casper Smart is “begging” Jennifer Lopez to have a baby in order to prove that he’s devoted to her.  The magazine claims that Smart was caught visiting a gay peep show back in August, so now he’s allegedly doing damage control by targeting Lopez’s ovaries.

Jennifer is a true romantic and wants to get married again and possibly have another baby, and Casper is playing that,” says a so-called ‘insider’ for the mag. “He thinks that offering to have a baby with Jennifer will show her he’s serious about a future with her, as she has actually questioned if he is indeed gay.

Gossip Cop talked to Lopez’s reps, who claim that the story is “inaccurate.”  You know what?  They’re probably right. 

Lopez and Smart went for a morning jog in Gdansk Old Town Gdansk, Poland today (September 27th), but no word on whether the topic of baby-making or sexuality was broached.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. sowhat

    more like JLo is a moron. her boytoy is freaking UGLY.

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