Casey Aldridge Has Mighty Powerful Swimmers

January 4th, 2008 // 5 Comments

The reported baby-daddy to Jamie Lynn Spears is rumored to be a “serial cheater,” who has stepped out on his young girlfriend in the past. In fact, according to a source, “This past spring Casey was forced to tell Jamie Lynn that he’d cheated on her and gotten that girl pregnant.” Eventually, the young woman miscarried. However, it was this revelation that caused Jamie Lynn to decide to end things with Casey. That is, until he got her pregnant. Why do dumb people never seem to have fertility problems? Sigh.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Kelly

    Why do dumb people never use birth control??!! I know, that question answers itself but c’mon people – Use a frickin’ condom!

  2. cheesy

    I thought I read here that Casey was the fall guy for this baby and that Jamie Lynn really got pregnant from one of the television executives for her show and that the real baby daddy is married, older and has his own children? I thought Casey was told to be the “baby daddy” for this reason?

  3. Michele

    This is old news. This has been out since like 2 days after the pregnancy news broke in the first place

  4. Kim

    Really….WHO CARES

  5. rose

    She’s wearing a big diamond casey is supposed to have bought for her. Did casey “Borrow the money from Rich Britney? Maybe.
    He doesnt have a job & he’s cheated recently… got the other girl pregnant and she miscarried. Whew! caseys father works at Bowater paper co in Tennnessee i think they will be married then he will be ok to not face rape charges. Right? How long will it last when he marries the entire Spears family. Thats what it’ll seem like … Jamie Lynn has already said she and her mom are going to raise the baby. Nothing said about the sperm donor…Old… whats his name, again?

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