Casey Affleck’s Family

Casey Affleck is the dark horse of the Affleck family. His older brother Ben is all white and stalwart, and Ben’s wife Jennifer is sweetness and light. Casey is the artistic, sort of oddball younger brother who’s all vegan and sort of weird-looking and brooding.

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m still jealous because his team beat ours in Drama Festival in high school. I know I always bring it up but I’m bitter! They put on some fairytale play and we did one about teen pregnancy and apparently magical pasta pots are way cooler than young mothers shaking their fake babies in strollers. Kim Robinson played the MESS out of that abusive mother.

Here’s Casey with wife Summer Phoenix (River and Joaquin’s sister) and sons Indiana and Nameless. Yeah, they had another little guy in November and haven’t released his name, yet. So I guess it’s “you”, “the baby”, “Ben’s godkid”, “pee machine” or “#2″. Fer chrissakes, name your baby, Affleck.


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