Casey Abrams Eliminated On ‘American Idol’

April 29th, 2011 // 4 Comments

American Idol favorite Casey Abrams was the latest to be kicked off the show.

Casey received the lowest votes and was the shock evictee after being up with Scotty McCreery as the lowest two. Jennifer Lopez once again looked close to tears after the decision was made.

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It was the second time Casey’s name was called for elimination from the competition. The week Idol was supposed to choose the top 10 finalists to compete and head out on the summer tour, Casey received the lowest amount of America’s votes, but was spared thanks to the judges’ sole save.

Casey then sang “I Put A Spell On You” as he ran around hugging and kissing the judges and people in the audience.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Dawn

    Scotty was not the lowest 2, we don’t know who the bottom three where it was all random. It was tweeted that they were not your bottom three and it was all random.

  2. Linda Beebe

    I was unable to watch American Idol last night due to the tonado that hit Tennessee Wed. Night ….It apparently knocked out the tower that the channel American Idol comes on…..I found out who was illinated on the enterainment news on the computer……I am very shocked that Casey Abrams was illiniminated…. He is one of the best On American Idol……I was watching American Idol Wed Night When a tonando was Barrelling down on us here in east Tennessee…..I am so shocked……What happened ….I voted even while the tornado wascoming down on us…..We still do not have the station that American Idol come on back up yet………WOW>>>>>>>WHAT A SHOCK>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. amber

    It disgusts me how America has no idea what talent is. I forgave them once for making the foolish decision to eliminate him, but yet again is unforgivable. He is a true talent, a musician and an artist that American Idol has never had.

  4. Pamela

    Casey you are right up there with James. How you were chosen to leave the show I don’t know what America was thinking. Getting down to the finales is tough but you have had my vote with James all the way. That night when the judges used their own save you have got to know you are terrific in all that you gave to each and every one of us. I am Canadian and this is the first time I have watched the show this long. Never give up baby boy, you do what have what it takes to be a star. Don’t let this mishap get you down. I don’t know how you all do it when it is your time to leave the show how you can still be inspired in the end to sing at the end, and still give it all you have. I read up on you and hope you do get a spot in life that you so deserve. From a nobody, I mean me, lol, to a somebody, take care, reach for the stars and never stop or give up. Your voice is amazing. Your personality is one of the greatest. When they were saying who was going to be eliminated I watched your face as though you expected it. I had another in mind, but he got saved. Not sure how america works it out, or us canadians, but man dont you ever give up. It must be one of the toughest jobs to be a judge with the talent that these 3 have and have to not be able to say anything in the end. It goes to show you how much they loved and enjoyed you when they used their own save. To see that that night was just amazing for me and I dont even have a clue to who you are. But to see you that night made my heart feel for you, and have loved you even more ever since. Dont let the world get you down, us nobodys that cant even come close to the talent that you have, vocals, instumental, gifts. Special gifts that cant and shouldnt be wasted. Life has a future, you are a part of it. If america cant see it, then you have to look within yourself, and say, I made it this far and Im going all the way. Take Haley with you. First I heard relationship, your choice not ours. Who cares, doesnt make you sing any different, and not about that and what people portray. Hey good for you she is georgeous, and love her too. Her voice also amazing, love the raspy voice, and she deserves her spotlight as well. Beautiful inward and outward. You look at what it takes to be a person and what a person has within them and you take that to the very top. You sit on that mountain and say look at what I conquered and be proud of who and what you have become. You have gone farther then alot of people in life. Hey you have a fan that is so disappointed that you had to go. Life sometimes isnt fair but with your personality and that voice, from a nobody mind you, lol., Take care baby boy and go for every thing in life. You so deserve it.

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