Cartoon Network’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force Attacks Boston With Marketing Scheme (Literally. There Were Bomb Squads And J. Harvey Couldn’t Even Get Off at His Freeway Exit. Assholes.)

February 1st, 2007 // 8 Comments

Ok, so the Cartoon Network thought they’d try a “guerilla graffiti” campaign for their cartoon in several cities across the country this past week. And I guess the cartoon is pretty funny and ironic. Except when Bostonians <>don’t realize the devices being placed around the city on BRIDGES and OVERPASSES that have EXPOSED WIRES, BATTERIES, and LED READOUTS are supposed to quirky . And bitches (subway workers and old ladies who don’t get irony and hipster cartoons and faux-hipster marketing) start calling the police. And traffic gets stalled for hours. And the mayor freaks the f*ck out. It was anarchy!

Anyway, Turner Broadcasting got two starving artist dupes to put these things up all over the city, and all hell broke loose. Boston’s kinda paranoid post-9/11.

The deployment of scores of state, federal, and Boston police specialists, from bomb experts to terrorism analysts, exceeded $500,000, according to Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

While police responded to the episode with swiftness and gravity, some Bostonians, especially younger adults, were amused by the spectacle and suggested authorities overreacted. But [DA Martha] Coakley said the placement of the devices, on key infrastructure points, like highway ramps and under bridges, alarmed even seasoned investigators.

Probably not an amazing use of common sense on Turner Broadcasting’s part. Or maybe it was, seeing as I’m not the only one who wrote about it. Nevertheless, stop f*cking up my commute, assholes.

By J. Harvey

  1. They had those up in ten other cities as well – without any bomb squads being called or freeways being shut down.

    The Mayor of Boston is simply a histrionic buffoon.

    Blame him not Turner Broadcasting.


  2. Jinxy McDeath

    … meanwhile 20 terrorist cells in the NE continute to make their evil plans unfettered…

    Do these people bother to look at what they are blowing up by any chance, before they shut down major cities? Lame.

  3. Alyk


    One of those ridiculous things was at my regular T station, and wires + batteries + flashing lights = me not getting on the train without a bomb squad. I was scared senseless.

  4. Colleen

    um… they were LITE BRITES.
    who the heck thinks a lite brite looks like a bomb?

  5. DaisyFly

    These things were up for at least two weeks, and no one said or did anything. If those were actual terrorist devices, there’d be no Boston, and no one would care about some stupid Cartoon Network show.

  6. chunkstyle

    F*** these fake artists and their corporate masters. Terrorizing a city for a stupid concept cartoon? ATHF was funny for a couple of episodes. F*** you Turner, as if a commute in the city of Big Digs ain’t hard enough. By the way, leaders in other major cities where this sh** was installed aren’t too happy either.

  7. Mark

    If the Boston Bomb Squad personel can’t identify a pc board with a couple of LED’s on it, Lets hope they never have to disarm a real bomb.

  8. Draya

    Somewhere in Boston, a terrorist sleeper-cell is going “Aw, shucks. That was our idea!”

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