Carson Daly – Still Too Skinny

October 7th, 2005 // 17 Comments

He looks like if a big gust of wind would come along, he’d be blown to pieces. Get some meat on those bones Carson!

(Image Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jane

    Carson looks fine. He had no excuse for carrying around that beer blubber for as long as he did and it’s great that he recognized that and took care of it – the healthy way.

  2. Ryann

    Why are we even talking about this Manorexic? He’s not even a celebrity…he’s just some washed up old MTV VJ. That was a 15 minutes of fame that I’m glad ended really quickly! He’s a fuckin poseur…

  3. bratbastid

    what’s the problem? he looks fine…

  4. Sally

    He’s ugly fat and thin.

  5. Johnny Chicago

    Carson Daly who?

    Eh… I don’t care.

    And neither should you.

  6. notabelle

    I think he looks great. At least he isn’t as fake tan as he used to be.

  7. hot black chick

    so.. What’s the problem here? He looks healthy

  8. Dog the Bounty Hunter

    Hey! Only my wife and I are allowed to wear spandex shorts. Carson stop biting our style, dickweed.

  9. Mariana

    Too fat, too thin, whatever.

    Still doesn’t come close to the abject terror of that Richard Greico pic. Ugh.

  10. erica

    I have no problem with his weight. What i do have a problem with are those biker shorts! Ewwww!

  11. Tajue

    Carson and Teri Hatcher should hook up. Apparently, dual eating disorders are a ‘can’t miss’ common denominator. Look at Nicole Ritchie and DJ Adam Goldstein… They never eat, and they are still ON FIRE!

  12. Lenora

    Perhaps his male “room mate” gave him the AIDS.

  13. Tara

    I liked Carson before he lost the weight, Circa TRL-the old Way.. He is too thin.

  14. Flying_Muffins

    Not funny, Lenora.

  15. dalyisatool

    Carson was getting fat, now he’s slimmed down and looks good. Really, there’s a difference between snorting coke skinny and exercising skinny. He’s lookin’ good I think.

  16. leena

    He looks like a caricature now. His head is much too big for his little bitty body. And he doesn’t help the distortion effect with the stupid too small jacket he wears every single night. I mean he has NO shoulders compared to the giant head. Not only is the jacket too small but way too tailored for the casual look he apparently likes (mussed jeans and shirt underneath). Pick a style, get a consultant….What’s really amazing is that with that giant head you would think he’d be extra smart, NOT! Can’t count the number of times I’ve cringed hearing the dumb shit stuff he says, not jokes, just shear ignorance blurting out.

  17. Jessica

    He looks sick!!It would be different if he was naturally that skinny, but I don’t think he is!!

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