Carrie Underwood Finds Love in Football Stadium

Page Six reports that Carrie Underwood is now with Jessica Simpson’s sloppy seconds. Send her a card.

CARRIE Underwood won “American Idol,” and now she’s reached the goal line in love. In Touch Weekly reports the curvy cutie is hot and heavy with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. She made a surprise Christmas Day appearance at Texas Stadium, hugging her new man on the field before the Cowboys’ crushing 23-7 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Romo, 26, has previously been linked to Jessica Simpson.

Thrill to the fact that six degrees of sexual separation means that an American Idol winner has now hooked up with Bam Margera. And Johnny Knoxville. And Luke Wilson. And John Mayer. And….jesus, Jess has been busy since the split.

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