Carrie Underwood Can Act (Possibly)!

So this one’s having a good year so far, and before you question that, ask yourself if you’ve quit smoking and eating carbs yet.  Hah!  J’accuse!

Ok, I’m here to talk about American Idol-alum and all-around cute girl, Carrie Underwood, not your epic resolution fail.

Anyhoodle, Carrie decided music is too easy, so she’s giving acting a try!  On March 1st, she’ll be appearing on an episode of How I Met Your Mother, a funny show with a dumb premise and a lead character that I would like to clobber every time he’s on camera.  Speaking of which, Carrie will be playing said lead character’s, played by Josh Radnor, current squeeze, who seems to be stringing Ted along (so she’s not the mama?).

But that’s not all!  Carrie is also currently working on a movie!  It’s called Soul Surfer (boo to that name) and costars AnnaSophia Robb.  Check out these pictures of the both of them filming a scene in Hawaii but pretending they are in Thailand after the tsunami.  AnnaSophia has a creepy green arm cover, which I’m guessing is to make it seem as though she’s lost an arm.  Ew.