Someone Was Stupid Enough to Cheat on Carrie Underwood

As if her hit song ‘Before He Cheats’ wasn’t indication enough, Carrie Underwood confirmed in an interview with In Style that she has been cheated on in the past.

‘I’ve been cheated on a time or two. It’s tough. I wouldn’t recommend doing any property damage, though.’

Carrie didn’t say who the idiot was who cheated on her, but she did add this, ‘Now I’m to the point where you get one shot. Life’s too short.’

While Carrie was dating Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, rumors were flying about his alleged infidelities. And then there was the ‘Peace out’ text message break-up between the two — which leads me to believe that things must have ended on a real sour note.

I’d guess that Chace was the guy who burned Carrie twice, but I wouldn’t discount Tony Romo either.

Poor girl. At least she has found one thing to help her deal with relationship problems.

‘Ice cream is my friend. If anybody sees me eating a sundae and I look unhappy, something bad has happened. I am drowning my sorrows in fudge and caramel and whipped cream,’ she said.

If Carrie can deal with all that and still keep a svelte figure, more power to her.

But I’d be keeping an eye on my vehicle if I were Chace Crawford.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online