Carrie Underwood Finds Out That Text Message Breakup Isn’t Just A Funny Song

April 7th, 2008 // 9 Comments

Carrie Underwood revealed that Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford and his gay name broke up with her via text message. No fuss, no muss! Carrie revealed this to reporters at the Idol Gives Back taping.

“We broke up over text, so it’s like ‘peace out,’” Underwood, 25, said “It was completely mutual, we’re both fine.”

Uh huh. Who sent the first text? And was JC Chasez grinning in the background?

Carrie said they hadn’t spoken in awhile, but it’s “no big deal” and she doesn’t hate his ass.

Their relationship “just didn’t work,” Underwood said, “and we both knew it didn’t work and [there are] no hard feelings at all whatsoever.” Did she really type “peace out”? Or did he? Was this Saved By The Bell: The New Class? He probably texted her while doing the reverse cowgirl on top of an N*SYNC member. You can guess which one. Not Lance.

By J. Harvey

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  2. Ruby

    First of all she broke up with him and was nice enough to say it was mutual. Chace is a cheater. He was with some chick at a club in LA on 2/27 kissing.
    They broke up as soon as it hit the tabloid thats why chace was moping around. Carrie sure wasn’t.
    He was the one that lost the A-list millionaire.

  3. Mireia

    lol whaaatever i’ll take him.
    he’s too hot for her anyways

  4. Mireia

    lol whaaatever i’ll take him.
    he’s too hot for her anyways

  5. Nicky

    you are a ignorant little b**** Mireia!

  6. Liss

    you are a self centered little f****** b****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nicky

    i doubt if even chase would hook up with someone as inconsiderate of other people as you Mireia!!!!!

  8. faiza

    X0 X0 AHAH :p

  9. babay cake

    carrie is such a cute inoccent girl but i like her but she n chace just don’t match he needs sm1 who’s hotter n better lookin…but i still luv her she has got a beatiful voice n she’s a realy great singer chace is hot

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