Carrie Underwood Tries to Keep Her Love Life Undercover

Carrie Underwood is so cute in these pictures–but I do feel like the shoes are an odd choice, considering she’s otherwise dressed like a perfectly angelic little doll. She’s smiling for the camera, but wishes that she could keep her romantic side out of the spotlight, having had recently dished that she does her best to maintain a low-profile personal life.

“Eventually you are going to get busted if you are dating someone,” however, she also adds, “there are definite ways around it.”

She also cleared up any rumors about a romance between herself and Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo.

“Right now, the place we are at, he is my best friend. He’ll call me after games. … Either I’m flying high with him or making him feel better.

“It took a little while to get to this point. It seemed like maybe for a bit we were headed there. We never got there.”

Still very mysterious with her answer there. I feel like her answer clarified absolutely nothing at all. I mean, how do you just end up “best friends” without dating? Someone in this equation must be a horrible kisser.

Photos: WENN