Carrie Underwood VS. Emily Maynard; Fashion Face-Off!

2012 Grammys Best & Worst
Check out who made our best and worst dressed 2012 Grammys list.
The country knockout who made a name for herself on the hit TV show America Idol, Carrie Underwood is a bona fide hottie. Between her amazing voice, gorgeous looks, and bubbly personality Carrie Underwood has become a household name no matter if you like country or not.

Emily Maynard on the other hand is a reality TV show beauty who made her first appearance in the hit romance show Bachelor. Although she is no true blue celebrity she has found a way to nestle herself into the hearts of her devoted viewers due to her ultimate southern hospitality and sweet persona.

It’s funny how fashion finds a way to bite someone in the you know what by the plain fact that multiple people can purchase the same outfit! I’m sure you’ve been to a prom or two in your life and noticed a few dress repeats and felt so lucky that you made it out alive this time with no duplicates!

As unfortunate as this wardrobe tragedy is to those who experience it, it’s so exciting for us onlookers because we get to be the judges! I’m not being a negative Nancy guys; don’t act like you’ve never looked at a ‘who wore it better’ post and didn’t pick a winner! 

Here we have an amazing Gomez-Gracia gown worn to two polar opposite occasions. Exhibit A: Carrie Underwood wore this floor length number to the 2012 Grammys, while exhibit B; Emily Maynard wore this over the top number to eliminate hopefuls seeking her hand in marriage. In my opinion with all circumstances in play as well as who wore it better in general, Carrie won.

I’m more interested in hearing what you all think though, so comment below and share your opinion my little fashionistas! Who won this fashion face-off, Carrie Underwood or Emily Maynard?