Carrie Underwood Loving Married Life

Carrie Underwood may have been a little apprehensive heading into her marriage to NHL player Mike Fisher last summer, but the songstress has been thrilled with her first year of married life. She told People, “Everyone says the first month is the hardest, or the fourth month or the eighth month. We’re just enjoying it.”

I wonder when those two ever get to see each other. Carrie always seems like she’s the busiest woman in the music industry. Why just this weekend Carrie looked fabulous in a super short gold dress performing with Tony Bennett at AARP’s Drive To End Hunger Benefit Concert. At least if she can’t see her man all the time she can do what she loves all the time.

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Mike will soon be headed back to hockey land, which is great for hockey fans, but kind of sucks of Carrie. The two have been so “go, go, go” Carrie said, “You never really get to stop and smell the roses and really enjoy just being a person.” Luckily the two got to spend a little time together in Las Vegas when Carrie performed as park of the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

The most important to Carrie at the moment, and we’re assuming the most important Mike, is of course each other. “When you get to reflect on everything, it’s really nice and I’ve had that chance this year.” I hope this couple works out. They’re cut together. Also, they should have a baby. It was a rumor like forever ago, and now they should make it official! Come on! Check out the gallery for some adorable pics of Carrie and Tony. Let us know what you think of Carrie’s dress in the comments!