‘Carrie Diaries’ Stars Austin Butler Suits It Up, Chloe Bridges Glams It Up For BELLO Mag [PHOTOS]

Michael Prieve | February 7, 2013 - 4:45 pm

Austin Butler In Hawaii
The shirtless star paddleboarded.
Gracing the Entertainment cover of the latest issue of Bello Mag is the star of The Carrie Diaries, Austin Butler. Featured inside the magazine is his co-star, the gorgeous Chloe Bridges.

The duo spoke with the magazine about their thoughts and experiences on The Carrie Diaries.

Austin, who plays the hunky Sebastian Kydd on the show, talks about watching Sex and the City for the first time.

BELLO MAG: Now, The Carrie Diaries is like day and night compared to Sex and the City. But have you ever watched the original? 

AUSTIN BUTLER: “I hadn’t watched it before I did the pilot. But I was in New York and I said to myself, ‘I should really [watch] this show.’ And so I bought it on iTunes and I ended up watching two seasons in like a week or so. So during [the] filming of the pilot, when I wasn’t working, I was in my hotel room watching SATC. And even now, I’m on season three or four? I thought I’d watch maybe one episode for research. But it’s such a good show. You relate to it even though these are 30-something year old single women living in New York. But I think it’s the idea that they’re looking for love constantly, and in the weirdest places and it’s not quite lining up, and so one relates to that.”

Chloe, who plays Donna LaDonna, the girl we love to hate, gushes about her Carrie Diaries wardrobe.

BELLO MAG: You guys have taken Gossip Girl’s slot. It’s speculated that The Carrie Diaries is the new Gossip Girl in terms of fashion, edge, the city. Do you agree?

CHLOE BRIDGES: [Laughing] “I see it going that [way] yes, but I feel it’s going to be gradual. I think that we are starting at a place in the show where there’s so much room to grow. All of the influences involved are very much SATC or Gossip Girl. So, yes, those are our influences and we will go in that direction, but we’re starting in a place where Carrie’ s a virgin; she’ s not having sex yet and she’s living in Connecticut. So we’ll see her make her way into that life. We’ll be with her to discover it; we won’t meet her when she’s already a part of it. I’d have to say the same with the other characters. We’re all coming into our own.”

The Hollywood issue of BELLO mag is available now on www.bellomag.com.