Carole Middleton Turns 56, Has Already Acheived Greatness [PHOTOS]

The Middletons
Mom, dad and Pippa take in a game at Wimbledon.
Carole Middleton has the option to rest on her laurels forever, knowing that her daughter will someday be Queen of England.  The Duchess of Cambridge’s mother turns 56 today, and no doubt she woke up thinking “I don’t have to do a f**king thing for the rest of my life.  My oldest daughter married the heir to the British throne.  I am literally the best mother in the world.”

Catherine’s upbringing was clearly a happy one, as the Duchess exudes confidence and kindness in just about every photo taken of her.  Carole is said to have encouraged Catherine to apply to St. Andrews during her gap year in Florence when she heard that Prince William planned to attend (Catherine was originally supposed to attend Edinburgh University).

Amen.  The rest of you moms really dropped the ball (including my own).