Carnie Wilson Fired Over Love Of Cheesecake

Carnie, Carnie, Carnie…What will we ever do with you? The word on the street is that you got fired as the spokesperson for The Fresh Diet because you didn’t lost enough weight.

Yep, it seems that when you started promoting your own line of CHEESECAKES, your diet job doesn’t really like that…

“[Wilson] didn’t stick to it, and she didn’t lose weight. We had to cut ties with her,” said publicist Ezzy Duchman in an interview with The Daily Mail.

Basically The Fresh Diet is saying that Carnie kept piling on the pieces of pie, but Wilson’s camp is adamant that she stayed on the diet and lost about 20 pounds. She’s battled her weight for years and been very open about her struggles so I find it hard to believe that now she’d begin lying. But I also can’t blame them for going, “Yo, bitch, stop eating or selling cheesecakes.”

Perhaps The Fresh Diet just doesn’t want someone to have their cheesecake and eat it too. (Insert Rimshot- a-thank you).