Carmine Gotti’s 21st Birthday Party, Brought To You By Mystic Tan And K&G’s Fashion Superstore!

Uh, the uh, Ruff Ryders presented Carmine Gotti’s 21st birthday party. There is so much to be said here but aren’t these people connected? I’m just gonna smirk and move past. I don’t want to end up in the back of a freezer truck! I saw “Goodfellas”, I know what goes on!

Ok, I can’t move on without mentioning that I think I saw Carmine trying to get Veruca Salt and her father out of the garbage chute because he and his friends weren’t sure if the incinerator was lit today or not as it’s Tuesday and Tuesday is Incinerator Day.


More photos from Carmine Gotti’s 21st Birthday Celebration after the jump.


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