Carmen Kass Gives Tongue

September 23rd, 2005 // 24 Comments

Note to self. Never french kiss in public.

(Images Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Einstein


  2. veelee

    Oh well, they’re in love, that’s great for them. That first shot is pretty creepy though…..kinda looks like a gecko or something.
    Why is it that everytime I see a pic of her, she’s in that same big grey t-shirt?

  3. mischa

    Why is she with that guy? She’s like 19, he looks 45. I mean it can’t be for the money. It looks sloppy none the less.

  4. MIMI

    Personally, I hate when people tongue make out in a restarant. That is just too much pda for me. Especially whem I know my pic is probably being taken.

  5. Laura Lord Belle


  6. veelee

    I’m sure she’s got enough of her own money, LLB. She definitely doesn’t need to be gold-digging. Maybe this man isn’t great looking, but she might be bored of those beautiful boys with no brains that traipse around on the runway with her. Looks aren’t always everything, you know.

  7. Laura Lord Belle


    OK, ok, I am willing to concede that that may be love…..I hope, for his sake!!

  8. ddaa

    Looks like Bob Saget.

  9. Anna

    I’m impressed because they are both wearing glasses and that maneuvering is tough!

  10. ermm

    Someone fill me in, who the heck is Carmen Kass? Am i supposed to know her? I have NEVER heard of her before.

  11. Silasdog

    How dare she kiss a member of the Taliban!

  12. Natalia

    Carmen Kass is a supermodel. She used to be the Dior J’Adore model and she’s sometimes in ads for Liz Claibourne among others. She’s quite popular.

  13. T.J.

    How is someone a SUPER model when I’ve never heard of nor seen her in my life? Who the hell gives these people the title ‘Super’? WTF?

  14. Silasdog

    T.J. is right! Where in the world does this “super” crap come from? I mean, comon, all these people do is put on different clothing for a living. How the hell hard is that? Does that take a “super ” effort? Super phonies is more like it. I know folks who are dealing with life and death situations every day, and to me, THAT’S super. Nothing extraordinary about a skinny babe wearing designer clothing, no matter how beautiful she might be. The “beautiful people” of this world come and go, live and die; generally they add nothing (zero) to the true flow of humanity. We’re all super idiots for tolerating their conceited condescension and inflated egos.

  15. lol

    popular??? to who?

  16. TJ

    carmens one of the worlds top models. she is a supermodel and makes millions of dollars a year from modeling. there are alot of supermodels that you’ve never heard of. chances are if you knew anything about fashion or worked in the industry, you’d know who she is and you’d want her to be in your show really really bad.

  17. Silasdog

    zarinah, the only show she belongs on is The Gong Show. Think about it. All she does is put on clothes for a living. Yes, she is valuable to the folks trying to sell their overpriced rags to unwtting suckers, but her “achievements” are a zero in the overall flow of life.

  18. who cares?

    to zarinah: great,so she is a “supermodel” who earns millions of dollars and we’re supposed to know her because of that?

    So are we supposed to know the “populars” from each industry? She ain’t no celeb. so basically, who gives a shit about her?

  19. olive

    i thought it was against the law to make out with your daddy… lol or is it if it leads to flipper kids…

  20. fitzgerald

    there’s something stuck in your teeth…here, let me…

  21. Akinom

    Wasn’t she in that rocking flick “Täna öösel me ei maga”….
    I didn’t know who the fuck she was so I looked her up and that’s the finding and now I have found new appreciation for her, well, sorta.

  22. lee taemin

    she is my favorite woman~ she is so lovely!

  23. Meeri

    I am Estonian (as carmen Kass) and I know Carmen a little. Why are you so angry at somebody just because she is a super model and earns millions? Carmen is a very lovely girl and she is so so so beautiful (you haven’t seen her in real life. She is just perfect!) Somebody asked why she is called a super model. A few years ago she was chosen the Model of the Year by Vogue and VH1, she has worked with all major fashion designers in the world, she has been on the cover of Vogue for numerous times and she was chosen last year among the 10 most earning super models in the world. Isn’t it super or not? Somebody asked here why she is dating that man etc. I don’t know but Carmen is a fan of chess, she is a good chess plyer and instead of going to night clubs she plays chess on the internet. This man is a world class chess champion – and carmen has a lot more common with him I guess than with her previous boyfriend, a restaurant and club owner. Carmen is great. She is humorous and cool and so natural. She even never wears makeup!! And although she is a millionaire, she is always so modest, she never shows off. She is just very very nice. By the way she is the president of Estonian Chess Union.

  24. Johnny

    I don’t understand why AMERICANS hate models. Because they’re tall and SKINNY? Models can be gorgeous, nice, and smart at the same time. I have met some models (Liliane Ferrarezi, for example, who is also a “supermodel” only known within the fashion world), and they are quite modest and friendly. I mean, there are a lot of FAT and OBNOXIOUS, UGLY and LAZY people everywhere. I think Americans should get over the jealousy, and do SOMETHING to improve themselves instead of blaming on others’ superiority. After all, USA IS the fattest country in the world, and probably the only one that is obsessed with ANTI-Anorexia while ironically, the majority population is over-weight and even obese. THINK ABOUT IT.

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