Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro Finally Split Up

A surprise to no one, Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro have officially separated. Rumor has it that the couple actually split up over six months ago, and have just now decided to let the story out. Just earlier this month Carmen Electra told People:

“We’re fine! I’m not saying we have the perfect marriage or that we’re the perfect couple, but we’re pretty damn good.” If there were trouble, she added, “I wouldn’t have my ring on. I would not walk around and pretend.”

Liar liar pants of fire!

If I could make a suggestion to future “celebrity” couples, whatever you do, do not agree to participate in a reality show on MTV that focuses on your relationship. You’re bound to fail.

More photos of a hot looking (except for the mouth thing going on) Carmen Electra, after the jump.

Carmen Electra, Dave Navarro Split [People]

Written by Tara Benedict

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