Carmen Electra Gets In The Christmas Spirit

What would we do without Carmen Electra. She offers us some indespensible advice regarding what to do prior to exiting a restroom.

Carmen Electra has requested all women to check themselves well before coming out of toilets. She reveals that her old embarassement has turned her off the g-string panties, too.

Stunning Baywatch babe, Carmen Electra recalled that once after using a public restroom she walked around at a party, ignorant of the fact that her buttocks were exposed.

“I used the restroom at a party. After I came out to mingle with the crowd, my assistant realised that my dress was tucked into my G-string and my butt was exposed!” Contactmusic quoted Carmen Electra, as saying.

“(So) always check your dress, because it could happen to you,” Carmen Electra added.

Carmen Electra Shares Clothing Safety Tips [Fashion Monitor Toronto]