Carmen Electra Without Makeup

October 22nd, 2005 // 13 Comments

Actually, she’s quite a natural beauty, as opposed to a some other celebrities.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. True

    She is naturally pretty actually… refreshing. Although, her picture has been closley choreographed by a photographer I’m sure. Many of those shots from ebaums world would have been unflattering even for the most naturally beautiful person from those angles and that lighting. Besides who doesn’t have a day or two when their face is all puffy and tired?

  2. Silasdog

    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Damn, she makes my blood pressure start to move. She’s brings out dawg in me, ARRRROOOOOOOOO.

  3. Jake

    She looks SO much better. In that she doesn’t look clinically insane. She and her swishy alt-heavy-metal husband should both lay off the makeup.

  4. true

    She does look pretty good without make up, good skin and stuff…but pretty plain jane though, I wouldnt think she’d be celeb material if i saw her like this on the streets. that just shows how much make up can do for u.

    btw, this is SOOOO old, i saw this like 1 month ago.

  5. Tajue

    She’s wearing make up. She not wearing nearly as much as usual. But she’s wearing it.

  6. Simple_Tina

    Still has blush, lots of it. Neutral pink lip gloss, brown eyes shadow, and fondation ( notice face is lighter than her neck).

  7. thumper

    Actually, she is wearing makeup…the amount most of us consider normal….for once she doesn’t look like a Japanese sunset.

  8. Jacyra

    She does have some make up on.

  9. Flying Muffins

    She’s got great bone structure.

  10. allison

    she has a ton of makeup on there, it just looks like less compared to her normal amount

  11. Uhm_Yeah

    She’s wearing lots of make up. Idiots.

  12. sagethewise

    I think she is pretty, with or without make-up. Now her husband on the other hand…

  13. ortem


    you mean not as MUCh make-up right?

    she is a pretty girl…

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