Carmen and Dave Can’t Say They Didn’t Try

July 20th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Carmen Electra and Dave Narvarro gave it their best shot trying to save their marriage. Reportedly, the couple has had a very rough year. Each of their extremely hectic schedules are to blame for the problems the couple has had reports People magazine.

Backstage at a July 13 Rock Star: Supernova party held at L.A.’s Roxy, Dave Navarro just wanted a little affection. “If someone was walking by, he’d say, ‘I need a hug,’ ” says a source at the event, where the former Jane’s Addiction guitarist performed with his new band, Camp Freddy. “It was a little weird, but the girls went with it.”

It all made sense just a few days later when Navarro, 39, and wife Carmen Electra, 34, announced they had separated after two and a half years of marriage. “They’ve tried so hard to stay together,” a friend tells PEOPLE in its new issue. “But both of them finally realized it’s just not working out.”

“They’re both heartbroken, but they still love each other,” says the source. “The reality of it is that they’re better off as best friends.”

It’s too bad, because they were actually quite cute together.

Carmen & Dave: What Went Wrong? [People]

Written by Lauren Burch

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Chiquita

    why do Hollywood couples say they don’t have time for each other? if Britney Spears could send a plane out just for a coffee run, I’m sure they could hop one one, too. wanna know how it is in the real world, Hollywood? how about the husband and wife who work 2-3 jobs each, one of them has the morning shift, the other one the graveyard shift. They see each other for maybe 10 minutes, but they know each other more in those 10 mins. than you could know in years. they have kids to provide for and those kids turn out to be good, hardworking people. there’s more to marriage than looks and money. you have to WORK at it.

  2. tocutetoscoot

    Hectic schedule + we don’t have time to see eachother = We are not mature enough to have an adult relationship

    Give me a f’n break! They guys licking Tommy Lee and she is so self absorbed how could she possibly be able to think about anyone but herself and stupid “look at me” exercise videos.

    Pathetic losers!

  3. scorp69

    I think they’ve probably made enough money where if they REALLY wanted to work it out, they could JUST SAY NO to some of the shit they sign up to do. Shit, if I made the kind of money they make, I’d take every other year off.

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