Carly Rae Jepsen Loves The Perks Of Her New Popularity Minus Crowd Surfing [PHOTOS]

Call Me Maybe
Check out this gorgeous cover by Boyce Avenue!
It seems that ever since that incomparably catchy song “Call Me Maybe” got popular in February, the creator of the song, Canadian singer, Carly Rae Jepsen, has been on a complete whirl wind. With worldwide popularity and plenty of new musical opportunities at her fingertips, not to mention already having a successful touring gig with Justin Bieber, Jepsen should be enjoying this awesome ride right now. From the looks of things, she is. The singer is constantly posting pictures via Instagram depicting all of her exciting adventures, showing exactly how happy she is to be where she is.

Just this week, Jepsen went all the way to Frankfurt, Germany for the 2012 MTV European Music Awards. A place you’d think she wouldn’t have too many fans. Wrong! The charming chorus of “Call Me Maybe” (And the rest of the song, of course) has made it all the way to Europe. During the event, the singer spoke out about one of the things about her career that she isn’t looking forward to, in addition to how her life has changed since her rise to fame. “I’m very excited, as ready as I can be considering there are some new things happening in my part of the show. I body surf, it will be my first time body surfing, I’m a little bit terrified!,” she explained.

Sounds like the Rockstar lifestyle will have to be taught to Jepsen. Perhaps Bieber can help her out– I’m sure he loves to crowd surf, shirtless mostly. In the mean time, Check out the gallery to see Carly Rae Jepsen appearing on the French TV show, “C  A Vous” in Paris the other day. Paris isn’t too shabby. I’d suffer through a crowd surf or two, if it got me to Paris. Hmmm.