Carey Mulligan Says It’s Fun To Be Mean To Keira Knightley

Carey Mulligan dished on her new film Never Let Me Go and what it was like to play rivals with her BFF Keira Knightley.

In the sci-fi drama, the two girls are involved in a bizarre love triangle that pits them against each other. But when asked if it was difficult to feud as friends, Mulligan emphatically replied, “”No, it was fun!”

“When you know somebody, it’s
actually easier, especially since Keira and I are great friends,” she said, pictured at a screening of the film yesterday in New York. “We can
be really blunt and honest with each other, without feeling insulted or

Both ladies have Oscar noms under their belts and with this movie looking like an obvious second attempt for both of them, let’s hope this feud doesn’t end up becoming a reality. It would seem Keira’s less-famous friend is gaining on her as her career heats up