Carey Mulligan Isn’t Famous Enough For ‘Glee’

Apparently not even an Oscar nom is enough to get you on Glee these days. The phenom of a show has become so huge a person can apparently not be “famous enough” to earn a guest spot. Carey Mulligan found that out the hard way.

The ingenue actress is a big fan of the show and asked creator Ryan Murphy if she could have a role. But she was flat-out rejected!

“I really wanted to be in Glee,” she said. “I did ask about it, but I was told I wasn’t famous enough to have a cameo.”

Meanwhile, she has another Oscar-bait performance coming up this winter in Never Let Me Go, of which she is pictured at the premiere on Saturday in Toronto. Then again, I can’t imagine creating a part for a mousy English rose on Glee…that show is where shy goes to die. Sorry Carey, it isn’t going to happen for you unless you can suddenly pull a Dreamgirls number out of your pocket…in which case, that’d be awesome.