Carey Mulligan Is Officially Famous

Carey Mulligan has already been nominated for an Oscar at 25, and in this country, that makes you a pretty big deal!

If you needed evidence (besides the fact that I know who she is, considering my finger couldn’t be farther from the pulse of society), take into account that Oliver Stone called her personally to ask her to be in Wall Street 2: Electric Boogaloo, that Warren Beatty offered her his chauffeur (old farts hate it when ladies take the bus), and that Meryl Streep asked her for her address so she could send Carey the picture she took of her at the Oscar nomination ceremony (Meryl Streep might be creepy).

Hey, good for her!  I’ve only caught her in Pride & Prejudice, where she’s pretty hard to notice over Keira Knightley’s incessant pouting (what is that about?), and the majority of her part is giggling (I hate you, Kitty Bennet!).  I’m willing to believe the hype for now; she’s cuter than a tiny top hat on a puppy!

But not so much yesterday on the set of her new film Drive in LA, where she’s starring with Ryan Gosling.  She looks mad.  And kind of poorly dressed.  But IMDB says that Drive is a crime action-drama, so I’m sure she’s just in character as a poorly-dressed mad girl.  And this is why I don’t write screenplays.