Carey Hart + P!nk = ‘Love’

Aww! I love love stories that prove hard work and love does conquer all!

See, even the most hardened Vicious b*tches like myself, have soft spots. Pink has hers too, and his name is Carey Hart.  To celebrate their 4 year anniversary, the two love birds attended Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Love’ in Las Vegas, after their anniversary dinner at Rio’s Café Martorano. Following the show, Pink was presented with flowers, resembling her wedding boquet from their 2006 wedding.

And take a look at these photos from Saturday January 9, 2010. While in Sherman Oaks, Pink showed how much love being back in love has softened her.  Ahhhh, coffees, and a couple of smokes… Ok, Pink, soft? Hmm…maybe not so much.