Carey Mulligan Finds That Ryan Gosling Is The Best Relief From A Broken Heart

Carey Mulligan and Ryan Gosling may not be dating, but the actress has certainly found comfort in the indie actor’s company while filming Drive, as she gets over her recent breakup from Shia LaBeouf. After hauling ass out of Shia’s apartment only to wind up at a Best Western, it certainly seems like she needs some cheering up!

The British actress was spotted cracking up on set as Ryan told jokes as they filmed scenes for the film in L.A. on Nov. 3. Carey wore a long, unfashionable skirt and did scenes with a young boy, while Ryan was costumed in a crash-dummy outfit with blood spatters on his shirt. What’s going on in this movie? Whatever it is, seems like it’s fun! And certainly seems like its taking Carey’s mind off things, along with Tom Sturridge!