Carey Mulligan Practices Being A Mom On The Set Of Her New Movie ‘Suffragette’

Carey and Marcus
Carey Mulligan and husband Marcus Mumford in NYC.
The cool thing about acting in movies is that you can pretend to be something and practice doing it before you actually have to do it for real. If that’s the case, it seems as if Carey Mulligan is getting in excellent practice for using her maternal instincts.

Carey was seen filming scenes on the set of her new movie Suffragette in East London, England. Much to her delight, one of her costars is a tiny, adorable little boy, and Carey seems to be having a blast hanging out with him. The pair were seen laughing and goofing off, and Carey even planted a kiss on the little guys head. So cute! 

Are there kids of her own in her near future, perhaps? Carey and her husband, musician Marcus Mumford, have been married for almost two years now, but do not have any children yet. I’m sure that they’re just taking things slow, because it definitely seems like Carey would make a fantastic mother. Her miniature costar seemed to adore her, after all, and also she’s pretty freaking awesome.

Carey definitely seems to want children, as she once said,”‘I do love babies. Being around them calms me down because you don’t have to think about all your ridiculous worries.” I’m with you, Carey. Babies are the best.

Maybe once her movie is done filming she and Marcus can get to work on that goal. In Suffragette, Carey plays a mother who risks everything to join the suffragette movement. Again. mothers, family, children. Seems like we’ve all got babies on the brain.