Carey Mulligan & Marcus Mumford Are One Ridiculously Adorable Couple

Carey and Marcus
Carey Mulligan and husband Marcus Mumford in NYC.
Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford are just one of those couples that was clearly meant to be together.

I mean, just look at them! From the way they dress to their sheer awesomeness–everything matches up so perfectly! Carey and Marcus were spotted in New York City today being their usual adorable selves. I wonder if Carey is still on a high from the premiere of The Great Gatsby the other night.

The duo were clearly enjoying their time in NYC. In addition to a lovely meal, they stopped into a copy shop so Carey could get her passport photo taken. Guess that passport of hers is up for renewal.

It’ll be lovely–she’ll get a whole bunch of new stamps as she and The Great Gatsbycrew go around promoting the movies. I am so ridiculously excited about it. She’s such an amazing actress, so I’m really hoping she makes Daisy just as horrid as she is in the book.

So, do you think Marcus ever sings her love songs? It should be just a constant flow of lullabies in that household. Think of all the singing for their children! Launch the gallery to check out all the adorable couple photos. Where are Carey and Marcus on your list of cute couples? Let us know in the comments!