Carey Mulligan Wears Her Engagement Ring To The Chateau Marmont [PHOTOS]

Carey Mulligan's Handsome Beau
Carey Gets Engaged To Marcus Mumford
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2011 was quite a year for diamonds.
Everything about Carey Mulligan seems to radiate class and elegance. It could be the often innocent roles she chooses to play, but now that she has revealed her engagement ring it seems she is quite reasonable in her choice of diamond. 

Last night (January 6th), Mulligan left the famous Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood all the while showing off a beautiful engagement ring that is refreshingly understated. When you compare that to recent showy symbols of so-called affection, it’s a nice change.

Mulligan’s Great Gatsby costar Elizabeth Debicki recently expressed her appreciation for Mulligan.”I probably spend more time with Carey [Mulligan] really than anyone else,” Debicki said.  “She’s just the most beautiful girl, she’s a lovely, lovely person and I feel so lucky that on my first job I got to work with such a lovely cast.”

Carey is engaged to lead singer Marcus Mumford of the band Mumford & Sons. This came as quite the shock for fans who had grown used to her two year relationship with Shia LeBeouf. One thing is for sure- Mulligan will be an absolutely stunning bride.