Carey Mulligan Covers ‘W’, Talks Going Nude For ‘Shame’ [PHOTOS]

If you haven’t seen Steve McQueen’s Shame, you must get to the theater post-haste.  If not for Michael Fassbender in the buff, then for Carey Mulligan’s eery performance as Fassbender’s sister.  The Oscar nominee, who covers January’s issue of W Magazine, talked about how she landed the role and stripping down for a full-frontal nude scene.

“When it came to this, it just seemed so obvious that she is the sort of person who would have no trouble being naked in front of any family member, especially not her brother,” Mulligan explained.  “She’s an extrovert and wants to be seen. More than anything, she wants someone to acknowledge and help her.”

PHOTOS: Carey Mulligan Goes Red

How was Mulligan able to land the part?  “I just talked for an hour. Steve was trying to leave, but I kept on: ‘No, don’t go—I don’t have the job yet!’ I thought if I could keep him sitting at the table, I could persuade him to let me have the role. He kept trying to pay the bill, and I said, ‘No, no, no. Sit down.’ He got in a cab, but I wouldn’t leave him—I got in, too. Finally he said, ‘I’m going to my appointment now.’ And I said okay. That afternoon, I got a call saying I had the role”

Mulligan wore Louis Vuitton’s white embroidered silk organza collar and leather dress with Mikimoto 18k yellow gold and Akoya cultured pearl earrings for the inside photo.