Care Free Kate Walsh Sports A Bodacious Bikini Body In Miami [PHOTOS]

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45-year-old redhead babe Kate Walsh can pull off nearly any ensemble, from casual to beach ware this woman looks amazing for her age.  Kate plays Addison on Private Practice and  has been discussing how her latest character will die. It all seems pretty insane. Recently, we listed our favorite over forty celeb females and Kate definitely makes the cut. And speaking of cut, have you seen the cut of Kate’s abs? Girl must be a gym-o-holic!

Seen here, Kate Walsh shows off her bikini body as she spends the day on the beach in Miami on December 11th. The Grey’s Anatomy actress spent time sunbathing before going for a swim in the ocean. While lounging Kate sat down right next to a nude female tanning a rather private part of her body. Kate doesn’t seem to mind, let alone act threatened in any way. And she shouldn’t with a fabulous body like that!