Caption Victoria Beckham

January 11th, 2008 // 14 Comments

More photos of Victoria Beckham from the Marc Jacobs advertising campaign are after the jump.

By Michael Prieve

  1. Cat

    Does that come in Poster size??!

  2. maxpurr9

    that’s the best i’ve seen her in a long while!

  3. butterscotch

    slag in a bag!

  4. z

    this grosses me out

  5. Lucy Laker

    Does my bum look big in this bag?!

  6. jeffro

    If you took away each part of this skank that was fake, this is what would be left.

  7. Stating the Obvious

    Ahhh, silent and hidden in a bag, just how I love Posh.

  8. devil

    “Oh, my huge fake breasts are tooooo heavy…can’t stand upright….down I goooooo.”

    “Maybe grabbing onto this huge shopping bag will help me stand up.”

    Does this woman ever take a GOOD picture?

  9. lith

    Okay David, im possitive you cant any of my face or ribs.. can we have sex now?!?

  10. Dianne

    “If I’m going to give birth, the baby damn well better shoot into a Marc Jacobs bag.”

  11. Ruby Jackson

    Those are the weirdest shoes I’ve ever seen. They don’t have a heel.

  12. Curvey

    This woman needs to be hidden away. Head in a bag with draw string pulled tight please. David this is your chance RUN RUN like the wind but be careful the bony woman do not poke you through the bag. He! He!

  13. T-Bone

    I’m so confused.

  14. SARAH


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