Caption This! #33

July 14th, 2005 // 30 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. elaina

    “Check out my anorexia-induced fivehead!”

  2. I’m too indie for starbucks

  3. Jen

    I just crapped my pants! Yay coffee!

  4. bitty boop

    mmmm, Wild Bean Cafe coffee and water….there go my calories for the next week!

  5. doofus

    dangit, elaina, you beat me to the “fivehead” comment. good one!

    seriously tho, that girl looks worse every time I see a picture of her.

  6. Jane

    look at me I can juggle….and anorexia causes hair loss

  7. busybody

    She actually looks like she is getting a little better. She doesn’t look super-super-skinny in this pic.

  8. Joe Dahn

    lamp shade couture

  9. polly

    she has no boobs what so ever and she looks terrible even if she packing back on the pds she still is fugly!!! r-o-g-a-i-n-e

  10. ive upped my diet to two beverages a day. ill be packing on the pounds in no time.

  11. l

    They say coffee is a good substitute for cocaine

  12. JesseeezMom

    FIVE Head!! LMAO! I read that and thought WTF is FiveHead? I have never heard that before. So when I looked at the picture again I started cracking up. Very very funny!

  13. Concetta

    No, no. You guys have got it wrong.

    Its bottle of water in one hand, spit cup in the other.

    Because, like, you know, water has like, calories and stuff, and she doesn’t, like, want to have to go get another colonic and a little nip at Dr. Not So Good.

  14. James

    Damn that Virginie, where the hell is that French bitch of an assistant? I don’t photograph well when I’m holding nonalcoholic drinks! Doesn’t she remember New Orleans?

  15. Mandy

    “Oh this? This isn’t coffee.I’m just eating the organic, non-bleached coffee cup to save calories…now excuse me as I get to the gym to run my 15k”

  16. “…keep…walking…straight…ahead…mustn’t…flail..”

  17. dwightalan

    Mary-Kate and Ashley combine to form slightly less skeletal super-anorexic!

  18. Leah

    God, someone please smack those ugly oversized glasses off of her face! They probably weigh more than she does!

  19. john

    Like, shut up!!! Water is sooo like a meal!!!
    I’m being really bad though. I barf the water
    into this coffee cup. A total “Kizzie”. Remember
    in Roots when Leslie Uggams spits in Sandy
    Duncan’s water? Remember? Classic! Well my
    “barf” water has been ingested by Lily Tomlin,
    Woody, that Meryl somebody and now I’m
    gonna feed it to Altman. Wait till I tell Nicole…
    she’ll pee herself- then drink it !!! Classic!
    Girl power!!!

  20. a

    I don’t quite understand you guys, she doesn’t even look sickly skinny in this pic..she looks normal sized.

  21. john

    Oh yeah and another thing… is that crazy Scientology woman still following me? Don’t turn around! Shhhh… Tom Cruise is totally hot for me again. He likes chicks with receding hairlines.
    Is the Scientology woman eating!! Euwwwww…yogurt! Or is it a
    Snackpack pudding? Don’t turn around!! I should call Brooke and tell her Scientologists eat Snackpack. She’ll howl ! Oh but I can’t phone her…my ASSistant isn’t here to hold my “Barf” cup. I’ll just
    keep smiling. What a SHITuation. Maybe if I fart the Xenu chick will drop like a fly. But I have no trouser coughs in me! Hi Meryl…could you hold my cup for a minute.

  22. Juan

    I miss my old tities…why Linds, why?

  23. beetlesque

    Mom said if I wore this the guys with the cameras would think I’m pregnant and then my career would take off. . .but I think it makes me look flat.

  24. Hodgie

    I agree, she seems like a normal weight to me…whats the big deal? yeah ok she needs to get some hair extnesions, but enough weight bashing, theres nothing there to make fun of!

  25. Hodgie

    oh, and her glasses are hot!

  26. jen

    trust me, she’s still super skinny. the only reason she looks “healthier” in this pic is because she’s wearing a babydoll top. on mose girls, it is not too flattering.. makes you look kind of.. umm.. maternal.

    works like an optical illusion on HER though. har har har, you can’t trick us lindsay!

  27. ?

    “HELP….my glasses are eating my nose!!”

  28. Jack

    Im so wet.

  29. coffee, tea, cocaine, me?

  30. oliverstwist

    peaked AND balding at about 20.

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