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January 2nd, 2007 // 6 Comments

More photos of Tara Reid hosting Pure Entertainment Group’s Future Forward annual New Year’s Eve party held at the Marriott Chicago, Illinois after the jump.



By Jessica Marx

  1. earl

    Looks like Tara got an industrial sized coke horn for X-mas

  2. ez

    possibly her first big blow of the new year……but certainly not her last!

  3. Hildabooze

    Tara taking a Vegas breath-alizer test

  4. badfish

    Introducing Tara Reid, spokesperson for the “Stop Sucking Inhaler*” The Suck Substitute can satisfy your ravenous craving for the flesh flute — safely and without the necessity of personal interaction.

    *From the makers of the “Stop Smoking Inhaler,” the cigarette substitute that looks like a tampon.

  5. ouch, tara. must hurt that you’re just hosting at some hotel’s LOCAL hotel instead of being with the big dog’s.

  6. friendly

    I never pay for blow.

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