Caption Sean Stewart

June 18th, 2007 // 11 Comments

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By Jessica Marx

  1. kelly

    Look guys! I just had “I’m a douche” tattooed on my stomach!

  2. me

    damn it i’m not gay! i’m not!

  3. me

    damn it i’m not gay! i’m not!

  4. Jesse D

    IIIIIFFFFF ya want my body AAAAANNNNDDD ya think I’m sexy, come on baby, let me know!

  5. little geezer

    I come with a health warning. Look it’s tattooed to my gut. ‘Asshole infected area’

  6. AISHA

    after being caught on a date with another woman, he says……”Look, I can’t help this body, its Sexy and the girls love me. What do you want me to do?!”

  7. meggers

    friends could hear him shouting, “i just douched my mangina – look how hard my nipples are!!”

  8. green cardigan

    Hey ! I just had a breast enlargement and a tummy tuck! Get an eyeful ladies !

  9. Ava

    SEAN: “I forgot my wallet, so exposing my much sought after man teat should more than cover the bill.”

    SEAN: “Oops. My ‘bro’ is unable to contain my muscular, manly mams.”

    SEAN: “Anyone care for a suckle?”

    SEAN: “GAYS GONE WILD! Now give me my t-shirt.”

  10. Shelly

    “Do you have a pile of bricks I could use after drinks?”

  11. Ava

    William Shatner revels in all the splendor that is Sean Stewart.

    SEAN: “They’re NOT fake! Touch my dude boobs and see for yourself.”

    SEAN: “I’m sorry for messing up your suit. Here, I’ll clean that stain out on my washboard abs.”

    SEAN: “You want me to sacrifice my dignity for a record contract? Very well then. *sobs* ”

    SEAN: “You like what you see? There’s plenty more where that came from if you slip me a fiver.”

    SEAN: “And for dessert, you can all feast your eyes on these babies.”

    SEAN: “I’m not Sean…I’m randy.”

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